Problems, Passions, and Tribes

Problems, Passions, and Tribes

There's nothing that will better prepare you to lead your students through the ideation phase of building a business than having led instruction in that area once before. Unfortunately, that's not possible for year-one incubator teachers, so I've attempted to gather...

The Not-Adobe Creative Suite

The Not-Adobe Creative Suite

If you spend a lot of time producing content on the web, there's a strong chance the Adobe Creative Suite comprises many, if not most of, the tools in your toolkit. If you're on a budget though, or want to offer your students free software alternatives, check out my...

Exemplar (S01E05)

In this episode of The Progress Report, I share a full length interview that one my students conducted as part of a career research project in my Intro Business class. Facebook Youtube Instagram Twitter LinkedIn

Who Your Business Students Should Follow On Twitter

If you've wanted to use Twitter as an instructional device but haven't been quite sure how, keep reading. Who to Follow The individuals below comprise a "working" list of business men and women that students of business should consider worthy of following on Twitter....

What if Professional Development Wasn’t Horrible?

Too many teachers cringe at the thought of attending professional development, but what if PD wasn't horrible? What might that look like? Let's Review As a classroom teacher and recovering instructional technology coach, I consider myself uniquely qualified to assert...

Technology Integration (S01E02)

In this episode of The Progress Report, Brian and Mike talk about what technology integration in the classroom looks like and what it is NOT. Links from the Show

Powerball Dreams

Dr. Shellard has a simple request for you, take all of that Powerball energy and focus it on making a difference.

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