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Crypto Swatch
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Crypto Swatch
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Crypto Swatch
Crypto Swatch
Crypto Swatch

What’s a Crypto Swatch?

The Crypto Swatch project launched on February 28th, 2021 on the WAX Blockchain. The original collection included 10 different colors: Brown, Purple, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, Pink, and Grey. Only ten of each color, for a total of 100 non-fungible tokens (NFTs), were originally minted.

While anyone could copy and paste the source images, they would be in possession of a virtual forgery (akin to holding a print of the Mona Lisa as opposed to the Mona Lisa itself). Only the token holder can claim true ownership.

How to Get Your Own Crypto Swatch

If you were fortunate enough to get one of the original 100, congratulations! None of those will ever be minted again.

If you missed out on the initial drop, but would still like to be a part of history, sign up for a Wax Wallet to obtain a public key (sort of like an email address for digital collectibles), send it to me via Twitter @mjmacfadden (or leave it in the comments section below), and I’ll issue you a Deep Teal Crypto Swatch (learn more about the Deep Teal Crypto Swatch below). 

Once received, you can trade it with another wax wallet holder, request another, post it to social media, or even try to sell it on a secondary market like Atomic Hub. 

Crypto Swatch


The initial batch of Crypto Swatches were received with a startling level of acceptance and enthusiasm from the NFT Community. Demand far exceeded supply! Thus, I’ve decided to turn things up to 11, bring a new crypto swatch to market, and remove the mint limit.

The Deep Teal Crypto Swatch is intended to be the every-man-and-woman’s NFT—an entry point for anyone interested in Digital Collectibles. Unlike the first 100, the Deep Teal Crypto Swatch is abundant. Request one, trade it, ask for another, and give that one to a friend. 

Help spread the Crypto Swatch project!


Why Crypto Swatches

NFTs have set their hooks in me. I find the space fascinating, and I’m not even entirely sure why, but I learn best by doing, so here I am exploring every nook and cranny of the space that I can.

What’s Next

The primary objective of this project is to maximize my understanding of the NFT space, but if Crypto Swatches happen to resonate with enough other people, I do have napkin-sketch-plans for a dApp that would gamify the collection experience by introducing build and burn mechanics that would reveal new, even rarer colors, patterns, and gradients!

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  1. Mike

    Very cool exercise, I need to learn as well.
    Green, Please
    y4.r2.wam ?
    I’m not sure if thats my public key or not…

    • Michael Macfadden

      Check your wallet! Thanks for supporting the project.

  2. Dash

    Wow. . I get your idea behind the swatches. The most rare designs n colours minted to an nfts. Nice. Unfortunately btw just I tweeted n u Retweeted there are ni more swatches. Lol anyways I enjoyed the idea behind. If u wish u share any swatch mhxay.wam .

    • Michael Macfadden

      Just minted an 11 card with an infinite supply. I’ll be pushing them out soon!

  3. Bodo Konfuslos

    Just bought my first CryptoSwatch. KryptoKumas Collaboration – N0. 000286
    My wallet address is – bokonfuslos1

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