What Brainstorming Is Actually Good For

by | Sep 7, 2022

What brainstorming is actually good for

If your eyes glaze over at the thought of conducting brainstorming exercises, you’re probably thinking about the activity all wrong. The goal of concept webbing, group sketching, or listing all of the things one could do with a brick is not to come up with a brilliant idea in the moment.

Instead, the goal is to prime your brain for the type of thinking that is required for inspiration to strike.

Brainstorming is to ideation as juggling a soccer ball is to playing soccer. Never will a soccer player see how many times they can kick the ball to themselves in a row in the middle of a game, but that act will enhance their footwork and ball control and translate on the pitch.

Next time you’re asked to group sketch, complete a forced connection matrix activity, or participate in some other brainstorming activity, remember that you’re getting reps in so that when the real opportunity presents itself , you don’t miss your shot.

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