I’m not sure if goanimate.com should be featured on the front page of this site yet, but since my first animation was fun to make, I thought I’d post it on my blog.

What is GoAnimate.com?

This site is sort of like pixton.com, only instead of creating comic strips, GoAnimate.com lets you easily create original animated videos without having to draw a single frame.  With a free registration, you have the ability to chose from a list of settings and characters.  All you have to do is add dialogue and choose emotions for your characters.

Teacher Resource?

I can see this educational technology resource being used in a number of ways.

For Teachers

  • Start an animated scene and let the students finish it as a writing prompt
  • Summarize key points from a lesson
  • Use this as your weekly newsletter
  • Recreate a scene from a novel
  • Post nightly homework via animation
  • Create custom animations for students to reward them for that which deserves rewarding

For Students

  • Summarize assigned readings
  • Use as an alternative to presenting
  • Demonstrate sequencing
  • highlight main ideas
  • Create alternate endings to stories

What else?

If you think you have a clever way to use goanimate.com in the classrooom, share it in the comments section below.

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