There are countless ways to compliment you SMART board.  The most direct and efficient way is to tell it that it looks great in white…  Just kidding.

Transparent Background

Transparent Background ToolThe Transparent Background tool allows you to use your SMART Board the way you wish it would work when you pick up a pen outside of the Notebook software.  The Transparent Background Tool tutorial will demonstrate how to use this tool.

Google Earth

Google Earth ChannelThis resource requires software installation.  Google Earth can be downloaded for free from  Google Earth can be effectively used in class as a mapping tool and as a gateway to virtual field trips around the world, moon, and Mars. Tutorial ChannelThis resource is a free image editor.  It is completely web-based and very similar to Photoshop.  The best part: unlike Photoshop which can cost upwards of $600, Pixlr is completely free.

Prezi Tutorial ChannelThis resources is a free, web-based presentation tool.  It’s kind of like PowerPoint’s cooler, younger brother.  Prezi utilizes “Pan and Zoom” technologies to make highly engaging presentations.  Like the SMART Exchange, Prezi offers a library of user submitted presentations that you can download or view online.

Pixton Tutorial ChannelPixton is a free, web-based comic strip maker.  This tool could be used to demonstrate sequencing or main ideas.  It could also work as an excellent tool for creating writing prompts.

SlideShare Tutorial ChannelSlideShare enables users to upload PowerPoint presentations to the web to be viewed in an embedded player.  Like the SMART Exchange and Prezi’s “Explore” link, SlideShare maintains a library of thousands of user submitted PowerPoint presentations ranging all matter of topics.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy Tutorials ChannelKhan Academy maintains a growing list instructional videos covering everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history.  Supplement your instruction with these tutorials, or “Flip”  your classroom by assigning direct instruction for homework and  doing homework in class.  Students will benefit from the pause and rewind capabilities built into the video player.

No Registration Web 2.0 Sites

No Registration Web 2.0 SitesL. Houle’s Wiki contains an impressive collection of over 150 links to Web 2.0 websites and applications that don’t require any registration.

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