This video demonstrates how to use a tool that many SMART Board users don’t even knows exists – The Transparent Background Tool.

What Does it Do?

If you’ve ever tried to use the ink layer on a .PDF or website, you know how frustrating it can be when that “Frame” pops up and prevents you from interacting with the .PDF or website.  Generally you either exit out of the frame and lose your notes, or take a screenshot of your computer screen that gets imported into notebook (and generally disrupts the entire flow of whatever you it was that you were doing).

The transparent background tool allows you to work with whatever program you have open behind Notebook.  It essentially turns the Notebook presentation into a transparency that’s overlaid the program behind it – like a web browser, .PDF reader, or Google Earth to name a few.

Do I lose my notes?

Instead of erasing your notes, you can press the new page button.  This creates an additional transparency that you can take notes on.  Now when you navigate back to a previous webpage, you can also navigate back to its coinciding transparency.

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