Adding Style to your SMART Board Lessons

This session highlighted some of the advanced features of the Notebook software that really make the SMART Board an engaging, interactive, and exciting classroom tool.

By manipulating simple color and layer options, teachers can create a host of complex SMART Board activities.  This session also examined the SMART Exchange which enables teachers to search, by standard, for pre-made SMART Board lessons and activities.


Overall, this session provided some great information with regard to the “keystrokes and operations” of the SMART Board.  I would definitely recommend it to newer SMART Board users.

“Con” is perhaps too harsh for this section of the post as the title of this session didn’t promise anything more than it delivered, but I still felt there could have been more of a discussion as to how the SMART Board could be implemented to foster higher order and critical thinking.  Additionally, I would have liked to discuss how the SMART Board can bring learning outside of the classroom via the built-in screen capture software.

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